Designing and delivering complete ICT solutions

Hardware, software and professional ICT services for optimizing business operations

  • Computer networking solutions for copper cables, fiber optic cables, wireless technology or hybrid systems
  • Telephone "VOIP" power stations and networks
  • Active and passive network equipment
  • Computer systems (office configurations, advanced workstations, servers ...)
  • Printing equipment

We offer ongoing maintenance of small and large systems through:

  • Remote support (help desk)
  • Technical support in the field

Our team is ready to answer all the challenges

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  • Access Control Systems
  • Alarm systems for technical protection
  • Systems for detection and fire alarm
  • Video surveillance system
  • Time-keeping system

If you are experiencing problems like: slow computer network, interruptions in the wireless signal, sluggish servers, shaky equipment, scalable printers, call terminals, slow and non-functional web pages – тогаш на вашиот бизнис му е потребна оптимизација.
Contact our team that will check all your problems, determine your need and offer an optimal solution.

Доколку имате потреба од ефикасна икт опрема, а немате соодветни знаења или информации за техничко опремување и конфигурирање на истата, контактирајте го нашиот тим кој ќе изготви предлог соодветен за вашите потреби.Контактирајте го нашиот тим кој ќе ги провери сите ваши проблеми, ќе ја утврди вашата потреба и ќе понуди оптимално решение.